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Two roads Hospitality
Diverse by Design

Award-winning management company, Two Roads Hospitality has a broad portfolio featuring over 40 properties from coast to coast along with 20 renowned golf courses, 19 indigenous spas and 105 exceptional bars and restaurants. They came to Hedgehog to migrate their website to a new publishing platform and to create a unified online presence across all their property’s websites.

The Challenge

During the migration to Sitecore, Hedgehog used a standard template for consistency, while providing each location with a custom set of CSS to highlight the individuality of each property.

Technology and Style

Style Sheets

Using a standard set of HTML templates for each property site, Hedgehog worked with the marketing team from each individual property to create a customized set of CSS emphasizing the distinct look and feel of the properties’ brand.

Performance Improvements

A set of custom performance improvements have decreased page render times for the corporate Destination Hotels website from approximately 1.2 seconds to 500 milliseconds.

Sitecore Restructure

To improve the client’s ability to manage and update Sitecore content, Hedgehog created custom PowerShell scripts to transform and automate a reorganization of Destination Hotels’ media library. Using data sources, Hedgehog rebuilt the presentation layer of the websites adding support personalization and A/B testing.

The Solution
A Custom Experience

The Sitecore template solution provided Two Roads with the brand continuity needed for all of their hotels and golf courses. Each property can customize their headers, color schemes, publish unique imagery and content to create distinction within each and every brand. Adding new hotel websites is a breeze. As Two Roads Hospitality grows, their website is built to grow with it.

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