Trinseo Case Study illustrated with a male and a female workers
An Innovative and Sustainable Solution
Trinseo is a global chemical materials solutions provider and a manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber focused on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. As such, they needed a product-focused website that met modern standards and helped their customers meet intricate challenges.
A Unique Design
The new website's responsive, flexible design improves the UX while providing unique and dynamic positioning in a highly competitive field. The use of dynamic photography and clean, bold typographical design emphasizes the fresh new look and feel while adhering to brand standards.

Strategic Planning

Stakeholder and user analysis


Define users, where they work and their technical backgrounds.

Develop user groups and begin to map content and features to specific audience types.


Review and evaluate top tier competitors on how they compare on a maturity spectrum for website architecture, navigation and design as well as features, calls-to-action and product finders.


Develop a website strategy and marketing plan to reach and convert Trinseo’s target audience. Top KPI’s are to increase the use of the product finder, increase downloads of spec sheets and product documentation and improve upon lead generation.


Based on our analysis and data we recommended Sitecore as Trinseo’s publishing platform. To improve upon the findability of product information we integrated Sitecore with Trinseo’s 3rd-party product database system.


A new information architecture was created to feature products at the highest level. Each user group now has easy access to their industry product pages be it Plastics, Latex Binders, Synthetic Rubber.

Platform implementation illustrated with stylized display and two gears

Sitecore Implementation

An initial launch on Sitecore XP upgraded to Sitecore XP 8.1 within three months.
knowledge transfer icon

Knowledge Transfer

Intense knowledge transfer to ensure future success and seamless switchover.

Email Experience Module Icon

Email Experience Module

Leverages Sitecore Email Experience Module to integrate their email marketing with their digital platform.

New Website and Continuous Optimization

Utilizing an updated and refactored architectural approach, the new website is equipped with the latest marketing tools and modern analytics from Sitecore. We now provide search marketing optimization services to drive Trinseo’s target audience to the website and optimize their experiences through content personalization and ongoing page enhancements.

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