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Case Study: Catholic Health Services of Long Island
A Seamless Experience for a Network of Websites
Catholic Health Services of Long Island (CHS) is a network of 14 health and human services facilities including hospitals, nursing facilities, home nursing services, hospice, a special needs agency, and a rehabilitation facility. CHS needed to update its websites to modernize user experience, create brand continuity, drive local traffic, make information easier to find, and ultimately gain more patients.
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A Design System for a Network of Websites
Since CHS is a network of different facilities with different needs, we had to come up with a unique strategy to ensure we were meeting the needs of each facility while adequately representing the CHS brand across the network. We also needed to migrate all of the websites onto the same platform to make the experience seamless and the management of the websites more streamlined.


Hedgehog recommended CHS to remain on its Drupal content management system with the necessary modifications for multi-site management. Approaching the redesign holistically and constructing the elements as granular, reusable elements each CHS website would be able to pick and choose which modules, or pieces of content and functionality, to use and in which order. The functionality would be adjusted to work consistently across each website while providing the ability and flexibility to tailor content to individual needs.
Most importantly, the website would be designed to work efficiently for all devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
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Information Architecture

Hedgehog began with a discovery meeting with CHS stakeholders to help determine their target audiences and their goals. We mapped out user flows to ensure we were streamlining and tailoring content and functionality to the needs of each user. A wireframe prototype was created to test different scenarios and gauge usability.
Information Architecture
A Flexible and Mobile Friendly Navigation
Our information architecture team began designing a navigation system that would allow each website to preserve its legacy content while shifting to a more mobile-friendly approach. The navigation was switched from a horizontal structure to a collapsible, vertical drop down. The Hedgehog team then mapped content to the new navigation structure for the websites that were not yet on Drupal and the websites that were already on Drupal were given architecture modifications.

User Experience Design 

Components were designed for each content type so that they could be used as modular building blocks for building templates and individual pages. Each component was designed in a way that guided users to their desired content with an end goal of helping them find a doctor and making an appointment.

Branding Update 

The next step was to determine the visual aesthetic for the network of websites. The design team used mood boards to communicate how we could transform CHS’s digital brand into a more modern and progressive collection of healthcare facilities. The mood boards helped the stakeholders visualize an overall direction and allowed them to collaborate on the design direction early on in the project.

Visual Design 

The design team applied the visual style to the components, carefully ensuring they could be reordered or removed without negatively affecting the design. This allowed each website to have uniquely selected components instead of locking into a preselected template. 

The team then used the design elements and principles such as hierarchy, color, size, and contrast to create an improved visual experience for CHS’s audiences. 


To minimize the number of content revisions and migrations, the development team chose to carefully preserve the existing functionality and thousands of different content items rather than build from a blank slate. This technique allowed the team to apply the newly designed templates and components to real content on thousands of existing pages

Soft Launch

Using a soft launch strategy, Hedgehog’s development team provided CHS stakeholders with a preview of the new design and their new content without having to look at a separate staging website. This allowed the stakeholders to view the content in real time with the brand-new design while keeping the old design intact for current users.
Optimizing for Search Engines
Hedgehog’s SEO team performed extensive keyword research and analyzed thousands of different terms. We then did a competitive analysis and compared search terms to monthly search volume while geo-modifying those terms to be effective for searchers in CHS’s local area.
To set the CHS content editors up for success, the SEO team provided templates for the writing of metadata for each page as well as best practices for improving on-page SEO. At the same time, the SEO team worked with our developers to implement best practices while building the site on the Drupal platform.
A Centralized System for Design and Content
Hedgehog’s design system allowed CHS to more effectively communicate the breadth of services it offers across all facilities and at the individual facility level. The new platform provided CHS content editors with greater control and efficiencies in editing and maintaining their websites. At time of launch we’ve seen significant improvements in user engagement and look forward to monitoring and optimizing the websites on an ongoing basis.

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