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The best ideas are meaningless when they are implemented poorly. Isolated technology decisions wreak havoc with your future.

Our reputation for sophisticated architectures, powerful tools, and scalable web solutions is second to none.


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Content Management

Modern CMSs like Sitecore are incredibly powerful, with highly componentized capabilities enhanced with dynamic personalization, analytics, and marketing capabilities. But a multi-brand, multi-site, multi-country, and multi-language CMS solution requires vastly more knowledge, skill, and experience to implement properly.

Technology ToolKit

Architecture and Code Review

Seemingly minor decisions can have huge long-term impact in development. Our review identifies potential major issues influencing ongoing decision making and prioritization.

Capability Maturity Model

Collaborative immersion in our clients' thinking drives the most insightful, innovative, and useful outcomes. Our personalization workshop is the foundation for sophisticated web experiences.

Agile Project Management

Different roles, projects, and timeframes require different project management methods. At Hedgehog, we use SCRUM or waterfall or Kanban, depending on which is best for the job.

International Delivery

Honed by years of iteration, Hedgehog's cross-office delivery approach provides unparalleled flexibility to assemble teams for every challenge.


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