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SEO. Email. Mobile. Name a channel or a marketing focus and digital strategy has an impact. And since no two companies are alike, their strategy must incorporate internal strengths and capabilities.

Hedgehog combines customer and capability insights in its strategy practice, providing the blueprint for our clients to execute consistently and effectively against their overall strategy.

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Capability Roadmap

The product of years of tinkering, the Hedgehog Capability Maturity Model provides a comprehensive framework to identify and prioritize capabilities into a logical roadmap.

Strategy Toolbox

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Personalization Workshop

Collaborative immersion in our clients' thinking drives the most insightful, innovative, and useful outcomes. Our personalization workshop is a foundation for sophisticated web experiences. 
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Marketing Stack assessment

The complexity of the marketing stack can be overwhelming. Our assessment looks at a wide range of potential configuration, integration, and analytics issues to minimize errors and barriers.
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capability Maturity Model

No one ever has enough budget or time to accomplish every objective. Our proprietary capability model benchmarks capabilities by industry and helps clients prioritize their investments.
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Sitecore Architect Review 

Seemingly minor decisions can have huge long-term impact in Sitecore development. Our review identifies potential major issues influencing ongoing decision making and prioritization.


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