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Implementing new designs and technology is just the beginning of the journey. Everyone who comes in contact with your organization has a different background, need, and objective.

At Hedgehog, results are what matter. Our marketing team focuses ruthlessly on closing gaps, mitigating issues, and driving differentiators wherever our clients will see the best return on investment.
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Search Engine Optimization

Far more than page titles and meta descriptions, modern SEO drives alignment between content, information architecture, technology, and customer needs.

Marketing Toolbox

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SEO and competitor Audits

Search changes at a frenetic pace. Regular audits identify new opportunities and competitive threats.
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Analytics and Insights

Extracting insights from data is the foundation of modern marketing. Automation enables more analysis time and less prep time. 
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A/B Component Testing

Test, test, and test some more. Small improvements over time add up to major impact on the bottom line.
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Campaign Personalization

Campaign sources allow personalization to start immediately, and reduce the need for expensive landing pages.


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When it comes to experiences we know how important it is to drive results.

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