Designing for results,not awards

Our basic philosophy on visual and solution design at Hedgehog incorporates two concepts: design for outcomes and design for platforms.  

Designing for outcomes incorporates objectives and constraints into every aspect of the process, ensuring creativity is balanced with results.

Its naïve to ignore the strengths and weaknesses of the underlying marketing technology stack. At Hedgehog, our deep knowledge of platforms influences design, ensuring implementable and manageable results.         

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Design Systems

Developing the visual language for a brand across a wide range of touchpoints, countries, languages, and use cases often devolves into templates and font standards. Building systems to allow creativity within constraints lets complex marketing organizations be successful. 

Design services

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Website design

We design and build beautiful, sophisticated sites on many platforms.
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brand Standards        

Well-defined brand guidelines get the most out of your marketing budgets.
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User Experience                   

Make your web experiences intuitive and effortless.
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Information Architecture             

Good navigation, site taxonomy, and page structures lead to better experiences.
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Graphic Production

Effective, attractive, and consistent print, email, in-store, and web graphic design.
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The Iterative Approach to Sitecore Website Redesigns

In this whitepaper,  we share our six-step process for evaluating and executing on iterative redesigns of websites running on Sitecore.


Let’s Work Together

When it comes to experiences we know how important it is to drive results.

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