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We create dynamic websites with Drupal, following the same modular development practices we use for commercial CMS's. Successful implementations result from ensuring customizations and extensions feel natural for content editors and other users.

Drupal development Services

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Drupal                 Architecture

Disciplined planning for sophisticated solutions with international localization, complex integrations, and leading-edge functionality.
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Drupal              Customization

Extending Drupal through community modules and full stack PHP development, enabling world-class web experiences.
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Drupal Themes and Front-End Development

Extend Drupal themes in creative ways with JavaScript, CSS, and a variety of front end tools.

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Drupal Application  support

Ongoing maintenance for Drupal implementations, from enhancements and bug fixes to major site revisions and integrations.
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Drupal Performance Improvement

Continuous efforts to shave seconds off load times and keep visitors engaged as technologies change and Google's guidelines get more stringent.
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Drupal Mobile   Optimization

Ensuring the responsive mobile experience is as robust as larger screen formats, recognizing the differences in task and usage patterns.

Drupal Customer spotlight

A young woman reading the newspaper Boston Review

Boston Review

Driving More Revenue with a Redesign

Boston Review saw an opportunity to engage a broader audience in the lead up to the 2016 US election. Hedgehog developed a strong design approach and a revised subscription offering, resulting in substantial revenue growth and repeat visitors.

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