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One of Hedgehog's core philosophies is "the right tool for the job". Which, in turn, means we need to understand platforms at the most fundamental level in order to ensure they are exactly what our clients need. Web platform selection, implementation, and ongoing operations are our specialty.


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At Hedgehog, Sitecore is firmly in our wheelhouse; we’re a Platinum implementation partner with 5 MVPs on staff and a long history of creating dynamic and flexible Sitecore websites for our clients.

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An accomplished and proven solution for e-commerce, Magento provides tremendous flexibility with a solid base of built-in features. At Hedgehog, we've built a wide range of Magento sites with particular expertise in product configuration. 

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A powerful and extensible platform in the hands of a development organization like Hedgehog, Drupal can drive even the most sophisticated sites. Whether on its own or with Acquia as the solution framework, Drupal can power virtually any vision.

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