Web Personalization

What is personalization?

Personalization consists of tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals, sometimes tied to groups or segments of individuals. (Wikipedia) Web personalization refers to creating individualized web experiences for visitors to your website. Rather than a static web experience, visitors receive unique experiences across all channels.

Why Should you care about web personalization?


Business buyers that say personalized customer care influences loyalty


Consumers that expect consistent experiences across multiple channels


Consumers likely to switch brands if they do not receive consistent experiences


Consumers likely to buy from a retailer personalizing based on their name, behavior and purchase history

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ORganizational Steps to PErsonalization

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1. Create a team

Create a team and culture focused on personalization.

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2. Choose a tech Stack

Track, analyze and react to visitor behavior, across all interaction points.

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3. Identify & quantify kpis

Know your goals to react more quickly to market and consumer changes. 

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4. Start small

Start with small measurable steps. Consumer loyalty is earned in every encounter, it's the sum of all the visitor benefits, no matter how small, that gives companies their competitive advantage. 

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5. Celebrate Failure

Learn from each test. With clear goals and small controllable tests any negative impacts are controllable. Organizations can quickly turn negative results into positive gains the next cycle.

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Presented initially at the 2018 HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference, this presentation covers everything you need to know about personalization. From why you should care, to who the players are, to what the strategic approach is and finally where you will find the tactical advantage - this presentation has it all!

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