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Companies come to us to create new online identities, mastermind the evolution of existing ones, bring products to life, build experiences, unlock technology benefits, shape perceptions, craft tactics, spark connections and energize engagement. We dive deep, approaching every project, strategically and collaboratively to help clients rethink what can be.

Typical Hedgehog Engagements

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Design and Build Websites

Building a website designed by someone else, especially when the designer does not know the technology platform, often leads to poor results. Our deep technical knowledge and end-to-end services ensures our clients get best-in-class solutions on Sitecore, Drupal/Acquia, and Magento.

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Sitecore Personalization

Sitecore personalization is not actually difficult to implement or manage, it just requires guidance to set up the various elements according to overall strategic objectives. Our team walks clients through the strategy and definition phases, getting them up and running quickly.
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Infrastructure and Azure Cloud

Suddenly everyone is moving to cloud environments, and much of their prior experience is no longer relevant. We help companies make the transition, leveraging key improvements that Azure enables, particularly for Sitecore customers.
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Differentiating Customization

Many of our clients want more than your traditional website. They look for capabilities or features that stand out from competition. Hedgehog engineers sophisticated capabilities for clients in all industries where average isn't good enough.

Case Studies



With over 100 stores in New York and beyond, this eyewear retailer needed a website redesign to better engage customers, produce more eye exams, and capture coupon downloads.
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As an industry leader, Avid Technology needed a site that provided greater flexibility while emphasizing their accomplishments and main offerings in a marketable way. Hedgehog was ready to accept the challenge.

Let’s Work Together

When it comes to experiences we know how important it is to drive results.

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