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Considered the best-of-breed in customer experience management and automation software, Sitecore excels in flexibility, scalability, and the ability to integrate with your company’s needs easily and intuitively. It is a leading content management system, one that “gives brands the power to deliver contextual, personalized, relevant experiences that drive results across every channel and engagement, in real time.”
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Platform Expertise

Sitecore Personalization

Providing contextual experiences tailored to each individual customer is absolutely necessary for modern businesses. It’s easy to say that, but actually creating those experiences can be a bit overwhelming. Appreciating the value of personalization is one thing; applying the principles behind personalization takes experience and a deep understanding of best practices. The Sitecore Experience Platform ™ (XP) makes it easy to tailor the experience of each customer based on their past and present interactions. Working with a Sitecore implementation partner can help you take advantage of the powerful features available. Sitecore XP puts all the tools needed to deliver relevant customer experiences in one place, keeping the whole process central to one system. As a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, Sitecore implementation and optimization is our specialty at Hedgehog. Learn more on our personalization page.

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FxCop Rules for Sitecore Helix

These five rules provide a better way to track down violations of Sitecore Helix design principals, resulting in fewer projects and faster build times.

Award-Winning Sitecore products

TDS Classic - Award-Winning must-have tool for Sitecore implementation

TDS Classic

Our signature, award-winning product, TDS Classic is a must-have tool for Sitecore implementation and development. With TDS Classic you can take full advantage of Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), Subversion, or any other Source Code Management Systems available for your Sitecore-based projects
Razl - Award-Winning Sitecore product by Hedgehog


Simultaneously view and compare multiple Sitecore databases with Razl, which lets developers find differences, make changes, and move items easily from one database to another. Whether it’s finding that one missing template, moving your entire database or just one item, Razl lets you do it seamlessly and worry-free.
Feydra - Award-Winning Sitecore product by Hedgehog


Feydra bridges the gap between front-end and back-end developers. Allow front-end developers to work with their preferred tools and eliminate the need to create individual Sitecore instances and upgrades for each developer. 




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Sitecore Content Editors, Marketers, and Strategists can now elevate, enhance and speed up their content entry process. With Avtor you can review content and information across all pages of your website at one time saving you hours of precious time.

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Hedgehog Achieves Sitecore® Platinum Level Partner Status

As a Platinum level partner, Hedgehog has earned technical certifications to validate the skills and knowledge of their Sitecore developers. This achievement is also a reflection of Hedgehog’s commitment to align with Sitecore’s strategic vision and to deliver digital experience solutions that drive value for clients.
Avid Case Study illustrated with close-up of a man playing guitar


As an industry leader, Avid Technology needed a site that provided greater flexibility while emphasizing their accomplishments and main offerings in a marketable way. Hedgehog was ready to accept the challenge. 
Trinseo Case Study illustrated with a male and a female workers


A global chemical materials solutions provider focused on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, Trinseo wanted to improve website functionality and user experience.
Two Roads Hospitality Case Study illustrated with a woman relaxing in the pool

Two Roads Hospitality

With a portfolio that features 40 coast-to-coast properties, 20 renowned golf courses, 19 indigenous spas and 105 exceptional bars and restaurants, Destination Hotels needed a streamlined, customized website.

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