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Online commerce is a mature industry of constant change. Sellers must nail the basics and continuously improve or else lose market share in the blink of an eye. Without Amazon’s infinite budget, sellers must make smart choices on technology, experience, pricing, brand, marketing, and organizational focus.
By leveraging the same customer data and rules engines as regular Sitecore, Commerce lets merchandisers incorporate insights and rules engines directly into the commerce experience.
Making the move to Sitecore Commerce starts merchandisers on the road to individualized commerce, leveraging the well-known capabilities of Sitecore’s personalization engine. As customer experience only grows in importance, Sitecore Commerce enables a wider range of contextual commerce ideas.

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Commerce migration 

Like any change in technology, moving to Sitecore Commerce takes meticulous planning and deep knowledge of potential issues. But it also allows for a wide range of new customer experiences and more sophisticated user journeys. Hedgehog can make this transition seamless and painless.
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Personalization setup 

Sitecore personalization is enabled primarily through proper implementation using data sources. But once implemented, there are a number of steps to get personalization set up. Our team helps clients with initial setup of personalized components in critical locations throughout the site and store
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conversion optimization

Like any commerce solution, Sitecore Commerce focuses on conversion and cross-selling. Learning and using Sitecore’s analytics and personalization tools lets merchandisers iterate rapidly and test ideas quickly. Our digital strategy team can dig in and help your team improve conversion in many ways.
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commerce operations

Keeping any commerce site up to date is a challenge. New products, campaigns, promotions, and a dozen other challenges make site operations a never-ending endeavor. With a large group of Sitecore specialists, Hedgehog can streamline your Sitecore Commerce operations today.

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The Case for Sitecore Commerce

Sitecore’s combination of content management, marketing capabilities, and state-of-the-art commerce provides a way to defend against Amazon. Head of Sales and Marketing Michael Greenberg discusses the challenges of keeping up with Seattle’s behemoth and how Commerce can help.

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