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What is Sitecore 9?

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The most recent version of the CMS, Sitecore 9, represents a shift toward cloud, commerce, and data-based strategy to help companies create unique, high-quality experiences for their clients. It includes significant improvements, including new modules to make useful marketing features more accessible; additionally, previous features are now fully integrated with the platform to enable users to use Sitecore as an end-to-end solution.

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Sitecore Commerce and xConnect

Sitecore 9 includes a new and improved version of Sitecore Commerce, one that has been rearchitected to connect with the personalization and testing features that Sitecore is famous for. Sitecore 9 makes it easier for users to streamline their e-commerce operations and creates a compelling argument for using Sitecore as an end-to-end commerce solution. The new Sitecore Commerce includes all the features you would expect from a commerce platform, including product catalogue, inventory models, and connectors for fulfillment engines and popular payment providers.  

xConnect is a new API allowing developers to directly integrate with the experience database (xDB). For the first time, the analytics database that powers the marketing and automation features can be combined with a CRM to create a 360-degree view of the customer. Sitecore 9 includes connectors for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics out of the box.

Major Improvements
Marketing Automation and Sitecore Forms
Sitecore 9's new Marketing Automation suite is optimized for marketers and strategists. The color-coded, drag-and-drop elements are much more user friendly; the re-architected UI allows marketers to quickly create engagement plans for marketing scenarios from purchase path to automated email campaigns. This revamp allows marketing teams to create highly personalized campaigns for a data-driven world.

The brand-new Sitecore Forms module includes an elevated user interface that improves expands the user experience. The new module includes multi-page forms, saving time and opening the possibilities for greater personalization across a website. Forms can now be saved as a template for later use, which is a huge time saver across the life of a project.
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Aside from the new features and enhanced performance capabilities of Sitecore 9, being on the latest version means access to bug fixes and real-time improvements, as well as better security. Upgrading takes preparation and testing. At Hedgehog, we live for this stuff. Our team has done dozens of Sitecore upgrades and will make the experience as painless as possible.

Thought Leadership

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Re-Usability, Analytics and Personalization in Sitecore Forms

The new Sitecore Forms in Sitecore 9 has a more intuitive interface, better features, and represents advancement in making Sitecore more accessible to strategists and marketers.

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