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There’s more to search marketing than juggling Google algorithms

A healthy presence across all channels is essential for a modern digital marketing strategy. From pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to a long-term organic search presence with an authentic, customer-focused approach, we create a strategy that is unique to each clients' brand by helping define and pursue an approach that is both data-driven and customer focused.

From optimizing all on-page SEO factors to jump-starting search marketing with a successful PPC campaign,we ensures that our client's digital presence is not only complete across all relevant channels, but also aligned with how prospects interact with their brand.

Engagement process

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1. discovery

First, we uncover your business and consumer needs as we begin our SEO or PPC strategy.

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2. audit & analyze

Next, we analyze the quality of your keywords, content, and links while analyzing your competitors' strategies.

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3. Strategy

Together we determine areas that need improvement, such as load time, keywords, or channels

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4. Optimize

Finally, we implement continuous testing and improvement based on detailed analysis of results. 

Personas and the customer journey
Conversion Rate Optimization

To optimize for conversion rates, we need to know what types of users are coming to your site, their intent and your business goals. This is an in-depth process where we define personas, plot their buying journeys and strategically create frictionless funnels to get them to our end goal, which is usually to sell them a product or capture contact info.

Conversion funnels can begin and end outside your website, so we plan our optimization strategies throughout multiple user touch points such as social media, review sites, landing pages, and email. Once we have defined your users and conversion funnels, we’ll begin implementing an optimization plan that includes A/B testing and refining the lead-gen conversions based on data and analytics.

Increased accuracy

The challenge most companies face is not the lack of data, but rather choosing the right data on which to focus. Hedgehog takes a holistic approach to measuring digital marketing through one control panel that can be shared with your team. We begin with an analytics audit where we review your current setup and campaign goals; then we improve upon them to increase tracking accuracy and provide broad-tracking scope and dynamic reporting. The primary goal is to gather and prepare the data so that it reports on how your media and marketing tactics are performing, and to accurately inform marketing decisions.

A Multi-device approach
Mobile Search
At Hedgehog, we take a multi-device approach to search marketing. Meaning, we’re optimizing the user experience for any device at any moment of their buying journey. This includes the micromoments that users have with your brand while on their mobile phones on-the-go or on their tablets.

When optimizing for mobile, it’s important to consider the intent of the user and what type of content and experience they are looking for. Both users and search engines want to see fast pages, relevant content, responsive designs, mobile-friendly navigation, and an appropriate experience for the small screen.
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Search Marketing

From the analytics and keyword targeting that make a PPC campaign successful to the solutions that make our clients self-sufficient, learn more about our consultants and the ways in which our digital strategies align with today's best practices.

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