End-to-end operation servicesfor all of your digital platforms.

One of the principal web challenges you'll face is the successful management of your cloud infrastructure. This is where managed services become so vital to your business.

Hedgehog is your all-in-one digital platform solution provider. With our managed services, your systems' costs are drastically reduced and you're free to focus on your strategic business goals.

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Do we really need this?

Yes!  One of the biggest benefits of Managed Services is discovering and fixing problems before they can negatively affect your business.

Cloud Management 

Infrastructure Support icon

Infrastructure support

Optimization, maintenance, and ongoing issue resolution for cloud-based servers and Azure services.
Monitoring and Alerts icon

monitoring and alerts

Instrumenting servers and services for performance and availability. Automating notifications based on business rules.
Application Support icon

application support

Optimization and ongoing issue resolution for Sitecore environments.

incident management

SLA-based response to issues and incidents, with automatic escalations and transparency.

WHy HEdgehog?

platform Expertise
Sitecore Platinum Partner
At Hedgehog, Sitecore is firmly in our wheelhouse; we’re a Platinum implementation partner with 7 MVPs on staff and a long history of creating dynamic and flexible Sitecore websites for our clients. With more than 300 Sitecore projects completed and 3 commercial development tools released, Hedgehog knows Sitecore like no one else. Hedgehog provides a single provider solution for your Sitecore on Microsoft Azure needs from inception of the deployment and migration from existing systems through to 24/7 managed services.
Comfort and Security
Round-the-Clock Support
Hedgehog managed services support provides technical assistance for complex implementations of high-availability solutions. Managed Services Support is provided on a 24/7/365 basis, which provides customers with round-the-clock support services at the highest standard. Hedgehog support provides broader and deeper service coverage for clients running in mission-critical and uptime sensitive enterprise environments and has highly qualified engineers and developers available. We’ll be there when you need it the most.
Solutions that work 
The Root of the Matter 

With Hedgehog Managed services we utilize our profound Sitecore expertise to find the root cause of the problem and fix it. The true cause of an issue can be found anywhere between the intersection of data, the code, the application, content, the Sitecore database, the server, or user error. The true issue is not always obvious, especially to providers that have little to no experience with Sitecore or how your site has been specifically been set up. We deliver the right solutions that work.  

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Questions like: “Why should we consider a managed services provider? and What’s the benefit?” are becoming the norm. Read more to learn about the many benefits of having a Managed Service Provider. 


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