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A blueprint for e-commerce success

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Online commerce is a mature industry of constant change. Sellers must nail the basics and continuously improve or else lose market share in the blink of an eye. Without Amazon’s infinite budget, sellers must make smart choices on technology, experience, pricing, brand, marketing, and organizational focus.

the hedgehog approach to e-commerce

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Maximize the Platform

Once the decision is made on a commerce platform, it is our job to make sure our clients get the most out of it. Every commerce platform has strengths and weaknesses, so we make sure we enable the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses.

Strategic Capability Investments

Many clients leverage our knowledge of industry verticals to identify and prioritize capability needs. The Hedgehog Capability Maturity Model is our proprietary approach to managing these investments.
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Relentless iteration

Assuming merchandising and content are solid, testing and personalization can have substantial impact on ongoing results. Our team constantly searches for new ways to improve performance and conversion metrics, then gives them a shot.

Where is Design in all this?
Modern e-commerce design has converged on clean, uncluttered looks emphasizing photography and product details. While information architecture is very important still, we find site design provides less opportunity for differentiation, so we focus our efforts elsewhere.


OUR e-commerce services

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User experience & Design 

Designing and maintaining a compelling shopping experience takes ongoing creativity and disciplined execution.
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E-commerce platforms each have their own quirks, strengths, and ecosystem. Our development teams are built around platform specialization to ensure up-to-date skills and knowledge.

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traffic generation

Earned, paid, and owned media all play a role in driving revenue opportunities. Our marketing services team will build out and execute a plan that fits your audience and budget.
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performance optimization

Individualized experiences through modeling, segmentation, personalization, and relentless testing can improve results dramatically.

Thought leadership

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Featured blog

The Case for Sitecore Commerce

If you know anyone in the e-commerce industry, they probably look worried. What used to be a “can’t miss” growth industry is under tremendous competitive pressure from Amazon. When an estimated 78% of the entire industry’s growth in 2017 was captured by the giant in Seattle, everyone else needs to look at each aspect of marketing and operations to find growth opportunity and competitive advantage.

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