December 29, 2015 by Mike Shaw

What To Look For In The Upcoming Year

2015 was a jam-packed year, so much happened such as mobile finally taking over the digital experience. As the year comes to an end check out our big three predictions for 2016.

Containers Hit Critical Mass

With the support of Microsoft, the usage of containers should hit critical mass inside the .NET community in 2016. Demand for a scalable development and deployment model is far outpacing the legacy deployment methods of yesteryear. By isolating applications from one another, containers allow administrators to deploy to various environments with the freedom of knowing the application will not interfere with the operation of the host web server. This separation provides the opportunity to scale web architecture horizontally, delivering the horsepower necessary for websites of all sizes -- from small mom-and-pop operations to huge multinational conglomerates.

Mobile First...Finally

If we learned anything from 2015, it is that the world is mobile. As we look toward 2016, one thing is crystal clear: mobile is now the first screen that people use. Smartphones and tablets are faster and more affordable, and most of all more native to the customer experience. Most people have one or more mobile devices on their person at all times. Companies of all kinds can no longer afford to develop against for a “traditional” device. Web solutions must be mobile first, in addition to being flexible and responsive. Black Friday results have shown us that customers leave when they’re unable to engage with a brand natively. If a site doesn’t provide a natural and expected user experience in a timely manner consumers will abandon the site. 2016 should be the year when companies stop watching and start doing, the data is there and companies that wait will be left behind by competition. From user authentication and authorization to data services, developing and optimizing for mobile first should be a top priority for all companies.

Integration & Connectivity: Connect all the things!

2015 saw amazing strides in general technology. From new devises like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 to consumer goods like hoverboards, we’re riding a wave of very cool tech. Barbie can talk, which makes it official: the future has arrived. 2016 will bring impressive advancements in the Internet of Things as connectivity spreads beyond our tablets and phones to our cars, our homes, our socks, and everything in between. The growing trends in IoT and Big Data spell great possibilities for companies willing to adopt them. The interconnectivity of devises will allow companies to collect, analyze and thus improve every angle of the business. CIO Insight reports that nearly three-quarters of companies using big data to support digital marketing said their efforts were “quite” or “extremely” effective. As the technology becomes more effective, the usage of connective data points will become more and more prevalent. API-driven solutions, from vendors like Mulesoft and SnapLogic to approaches like microservices and increased support for webhooks at scale are all lowering the cost of integration.   As you look forward to 2016 what are the issues and topics your most interested in? Comment them below. If you need some assistance tackling any of your 2016 campaigns contact us, we can help.

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