May 22, 2017 by Hedgehog

SUGCON Europe 2017

SUGCON Europe 2017 was held in Amsterdam last week. As usual it was quite the event; hundreds of Sitecore experts and enthusiasts came together to share innovations and ideas. SUGCON has been a highlight of the Sitecore event calendar for three years, and 2017 proved to be another great conference.

Day 1 of the conference opened with the SUGCON keynote, always a highlight of the conference. As Jacqueline Baxter wrote in her Day 1 recap: “Lars Nielsen opened the event with an epic keynote (with a very cool assist from Pieter Brinkmen). They showed how content can be everywhere, on every device, and sitting in the room I was wicked impressed. They used SXA to integrate HoloLens and Alexa, and did it in 3 weeks! The mixed reality display was very cool – that’s the kind of demo that keeps people engaged and thrilled.” Bas Lijten and Rob Habraken blew us all away with Robbie the Robot; they showed us the future with their showcase of the omni-channel capabilities of Sitecore XP. Their robot tells jokes, identifies facial expressions to determine mood and maps to xProfile for personalization.

Mark Stiles’ Cognitive Services presentation was a favorite with our team. His presenting style and unique ideas, plus his open-source project that integrates Microsoft Cognitive Services with Sitecore and provides a platform for image search, content moderation, personal assistants and content recommendation, made for a stellar combination. Other team members took in Jason Wilkersons’s Sitecore SXA presentation, which included a live demo of the capabilities and features in the SXA development process. Day 2 was a big one for Hedgehog, as both of our presentations fell on Day 2. Charlie Turano demonstrated the capabilities of our newest product, ZeroDeploy, on the main stage. ZeroDeploy does a ‘hot-swap’ of the DLLs in your web application, so the App Pool never recycles. This allows developers to see back-end code changes without the 60-90 second wait time while the App Pool reloads which reduces overall load time by about 99%. We’re extremely proud of ZeroDeploy and very excited to share the beta phase with the world. The audience was very excited, and the Hedgehog SUGCON team were answering questions and signing people up for the beta through the whole weekend. And in the afternoon, Mike Shaw and Jacqueline Baxter presented on campaign creation, using Sitecore campaign management in combination with social media efforts to track campaign performance. Alex Shyba and Alan Weber’s presentation, titled “Sitecore and JavaScript – finally in love!” debuted a Sitecore JavaScript solution, now in beta, that was extremely popular with our team (and ended with a literal bang.) And through it all, the Hedgehog team kept spirits high while the community shared their Hedgehog appreciation.

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