June 04, 2015 by Alexander Kamburov

Sitecore User Group Bulgaria - the first meeting was a great success!

It's amazing how the community is growing these days. New Sitecore user groups are created every month all over the world. Nobody knows the exact numbers but according to several sources there are more than 65 Sitecore user groups, USA and Europe leading with more than 20 each.

With a growing number of Sitecore developers here in Bulgaria we though it's about time to put Bulgaria on the map of the Sitecore community by organizing the Sitecore User Group Bulgaria. Hedgehog with its long history in helping the community was happy to sponsor the event.

We spread the word out and we were pleasantly surprised by the interest from the community in Sofia. Georgi and Rosen, the founders of the user group, did a wonderful job in putting all the needed things together. Fixing the date, booking a venue, creating Facebook and LinkedIn groups, registration and most importantly organizing the presentations and engaging the Bulgarian Sitecore developers.

All this hard work led to wonderful results - the first meeting of the Bulgarian user group was held on May 27.

It was a great start with more than 35 people participating from more than 5 companies that do Sitecore. The initial seats were not enough so we had to find extra chairs in the last minute! Pretty exciting! A girl from Sitecore gave out some cool Sitecore badges and balloons to make the event even more special.

Rosen Petrov and Georgi Bilyukov at Sitecore User Group Bulgaria

The event started with a short intro from Rosen and Georgi.

Rosen Petrov at Sitecore User Group Bulgaria

Georgi did a presentation on Sitecore MVC. How it works, what are the specifics related to Sitecore and some advices how to structure your project.

Georgi Bilyukov at Sitecore User Group Bulgaria

Nikola Gotsev showed us the cool new features and improvements in Glass Mapper V4. The new HTML helpers and advanced mapping capabilities, how the new caching significantly improves performance and many more.

Nikola Gotsev presenting at Sitecore User Group Bulgaria

After the technical presentations came my favorite part. Drinks and a nice chat with all the guys that shared with us the beginning of something special.

Networking at Sitecore User Group Bulgaria

We had a great time! Thanks again to the organizers and all the participants! We are looking forward to the next meeting. You want to be part of the events? Get in contact with Rosen and Georgi or write in Facebook or LinkedIn.

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