April 20, 2015 by Mike Shaw

The Sitecore Publish Status Module

In my last post, I discussed the annoyance in manage ~30 different languages in a multilingual Sitecore solution. I highlighted a module Elena created that allows Content Editors to search for the Sitecore language version you want to use. Well continuing this trend, today I’m playing around with another Hedgehog’s module that helps optimizing the content editor experience.

Georgi Bilyukov and the Bulgarian team created a module called the Sitecore Publish Status Module, for you developers out there this is where you jump off and read his blog about it. In a nutshell the module adds a panel to the publish ribbon, this panel shows you all the different versions of the item and their current publish status. This gives maximum visibility into what is published on your site and what is not.

Screenshot of the Sitecore Publish Status Module

To give you a real life case study, imagine you’re putting together a multilingual site and each item has 8 different language versions. 3 of the language versions are complete and should be live, 2 are in staging just waiting for approval, another 2 are still being created and you’re waiting for the translation on that last language version. Tracking down which language is published and confirming your status for the other languages become a monumental headache. With this plug in we can confidently see the publish state of the item and its many versions.

I'd love to hear from you, let me know in the comments what you use to manage the publish status for your items. Then, go grab a developer and tell them to install this module to your site. If they need more convincing send them to Georgi’s blog.

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