October 13, 2015 by Stefan Ivanov

Sitecore European Partner Summit Review

Sitecore have always followed a strong partner-centric strategy and I believe that's one of the main reasons behind the huge success of the platform. I'd like to quote Darren Guarnaccia blog post where he said it perfectly: "Partners bring Sitecore’s vision to life". The EMEA Partner Summit was a great way for Sitecore to connect even deeper with us - the hundreds of European Sitecore Partners. Seven cities in just two weeks - Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Antwerp, Zurich, Paris and Stockholm!  In a nutshell Sitecore gave us, partners, a pretty good idea where they are putting their focus over the next few years; both in terms of the platform functionality and in the way Sitecore will work with the partner ecosystem. It was great to see what's coming in the next two Sitecore versions. We can expect a lot of improvements that will increase the possibilities for us to help our clients in solving their digital marketing and ecommerce challenges.

Opening Talk at Sitecore European Partner Summit 2015

Hedgehog joined Sitecore on the road trip as a sponsor starting on 8th of September. I don't know if Copenhagen was chosen as the first city because here is where it all started in 2001 but it was obvious Sitecore was feeling at home. It was wonderful to meet with so many long-term partners in Denmark, most of them using our products for years. Too bad we had to rush for the plane to Frankfurt a bit early, so we missed the after party.

Hedgehog at Sitecore European Partner Summit 2015

On the next day we met with most of the guys from Sitecore Germany and we were pleased to hear the market is growing fast. We discussed how to increase the collaboration between Hedgehog and Sitecore Germany and we are excited by the possibilities. Hedgehog, with its products, can assist new Sitecore partners with the productivity of their Sitecore developers and help efficiently manage their development process.

Sitecore European Partner Summit  2015 - Alex Kamburov and Stefan Ivanov at the Hedgehog booth

The event in London was probably the biggest of them all. It is obvious why the UK is a key market for Sitecore. Here is where we got most of our leads and opportunities. Simon Etherington gave an inspiring keynote speech sharing some interesting facts about how Sitecore is continuously winning head-to-head battles with the other major competitors. Having the Sitecore SBOS team on your side in the pre-sales process really makes a difference! Good job, Sitecore UK! London was our last stop from the road show. This time we just couldn’t fit the whole seven cities in our schedule but we will try to do better next year. On the positive side, we had the chance to drink a few (maybe more…) beers at the awesome after party by the Thames. Next day we met several clients, paid a visit to the Sitecore UK office and enjoyed a short sightseeing tour in the amazingly sunny London weather!

Landscape of Thames on Sitecore European Partner Summit 2015

Special thanks to everyone at Sitecore who made this possible - Mark Wheeler, Maged Fahmy and everyone else involved. The Sitecore EPS roadshow is definitely something worth doing again!

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