December 21, 2015 by Mike Shaw

Our Best Sitecore Blogs of 2015

2015 has been a crazy year. From co-hosting the first ever SUGCON NA to big office news, it's easy to miss something. We looked back on our best Sitecore blogs of 2015, check them out! Don't forget to post your favorite Sitecore blogs of 2015 to Twitter, #Sitecore2015.
  • The Future is Around the Corner - Sitecore, Mongo, and My Perspective: There has been a lot of excitement since we announced our partnership with MongoDB, and I wanted to share more of my perspective on it. We entered into this partnership for the same reasons we do anything at Hedgehog, we want to create awesome solutions. We are kicking our new partnership off with a bang, and I can’t wait to share what’s next!
  • Sitecore Placeholder Fallback: When implementing Sitecore websites, we sometimes run into a situation where the Content Editor wants to personalize or A/B test components that are common to multiple pages in the site. A good example of this is the header and/or navigation components. The problem we run into is that the components need to behave the same on all pages and it would be very difficult, if not impossible for content editors to maintain these components on all pages on the site. I have seen a few ways of solving this problem, but most solutions had some drawbacks that limited the capabilities of the content editor.
  • Customizing WFFM in Sitecore 8: WFFM is a great tool for allowing content editors to build custom forms. The main issue with WFFM is that it doesn't always generate the HTML we need for the site. This blog post shows how to customize the HTML in different ways for each sub-site.
  • The Sitecore Publish Module: How do you manage the publish status of all your Sitecore items? As you grow and the items and their versions become more and more numerous, you need a way to track and see the actual publish status of your items. Today, I play with the Sitecore Publish Status module to see how it can alleviate this headache.
  • SPEAK Behaviors in Sitecore 8: This blog post is an updated version of my previous blog post on behaviors in Sitecore Speak. The previous post describes how to setup behaviors in Sitecore 7.1. Sitecore 7.5 and 8 use A newer version of Speak, and I have updated the blog post to reflect the changes.
  • A Multilingual PIA: Multilingual sites are definitely essential, especially if you're doing business with people that speak different languages. But sometimes it can just be a real pain...
  • Context Based Datasources: Creating and maintaining your datasources in your content tree can be challenging. This blog post shows how to get Sitecore to help organize the datasources.

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