October 21, 2015 by Charlie Turano

Razl V3 - What's New?

It's been awhile since we've released a new update to Razl, and throughout this time we've been collecting suggestions from all our users. We've added several of these requests into the newest Razl, which is slated for an October 29th release!

Improved Overall Performance

Performance of compare operations was increased by reducing the number of requests to Sitecore. This made Razl more efficient, resulting in faster results for the user.

Blob compares were improved by returning a hash of the blob created on the Sitecore server instead of the entire blob. This makes working with large media much faster.

Lightning Mode (Documentation)

Lightning mode is activated by clicking the lightning bolt in the toolbar. When Razl is in Lightning Mode, differences in items will be determined by comparing only the revision ids for each item. This means user defined field excludes will not be applied during the initial compare. Once the user clicks on a difference, the item will be compared field-by-field, the field filters will be applied and the item compare state will be updated.

If the user chooses to do a “Copy All” operation on an item and its children and Lightning Mode is enabled, the copy all function will check the revisions and only copy items where the revisions do not match. This improves the performance of the copy by skipping items that may be the same.

Lightning Mode will have small, but noticeable effect when using Razl to connect to local servers. Remote servers will realize a much larger benefit, since connection latency plays a larger role in performance degradation.

Change Detail By History

The history functionality in Razl has been improved by reducing the amount of information in the history view. Customer feedback indicated that history was too difficult to use because there was too much information provided to the user. The history compare function now only shows items in the history view if they are different between the left and right side.

When Lightning Mode is enabled, only the Revision Ids are compared for each item. This allows the history display to be rendered much more quickly.

Deep Compare (Documentation)

One of the most popular requests for Razl was a way the show all changes under an item without expanding all items in the tree manually. This is done using the Deep Compare function. Deep Compare uses a view similar to the history view to show the differences between two parts of the tree above the item tree. Deep compare is available through the right-click menu on each item in the item tree.

Please be aware that deep compare can be very I/O intensive using it may cause performance problems on a server. It needs to access every item under the selected item and may disrupt the item caches on the server by forcing more commonly used items out of the cache.

When Lightning Mode is enabled, only the Revision Ids are compared for each item. This allows the Deep Compare to be done much more quickly, by reducing the number of requests to the servers.

Show/Hide Fields with No Changes

The ability to show or hide fields with no changes is controlled by the “eye” button in the toolbar. Clicking the button will toggle the visibility of fields that have no changes, reducing the amount of information presented to the user in the field tree to only items that are different.

Export Task List (Documentation)

Razl already has support for executing scripted actions from an .XML file. Now, creating those scripts is much easier with the Export Task List function. This function allows you to add a number of operations to the task list and instead of executing the instructions, they can be exported and executes at a later date.

Bug Fixes

A number of small bug fixes and usability improvements were implemented. This improved the overall user friendliness and stability of Razl. These bug fixes help attribute to the overall performance improvement.

The Release

Razl V3 is set to be released on October 29th, check back for more information!

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