March 04, 2014 by Charlie Turano

Patch DataFolder configs in Sitecore SIM

Sitecore SIM is a very popular tool. It has been blogged by more than one team as one of the must have tools for Sitecore development. I use SIM frequently when testing brand new features on a Sitecore instance to verify the reliability. SIM takes the Sitecore install process and does it all for you, magic! It’s a great tool for any developer that wants to test new functionality.

Sean Holmesby blogged about an issue he saw in which the Data folder was being saved within the Web.config and not the App_Config/Include file. This presented a problem when testing a full solution transposed on the new instance. For a TDS based Sitecore solution, setting in the Data folder stored in the Web.Config will be lost resulting in a missing license error.

There is a simple way to rectify this problem. Just open the webroot directory and edit the settings to point to the site’s data folder, easy peasy. However, as we use SIM frequently at Hedgehog this post use creation just takes time, and if we can add efficiency anywhere I’m all for it.

Sean created a step within SIM that points the settings to the data folder in every site we create. By editing this once we can save ourselves time and frustration (when we forget to enable the App_Config/Include/DataFolder.config).

Sean has posted the code for this change in his Github repository.

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