March 12, 2015 by Mike Shaw

A Multilingual PIA

Sitecore multilingual versioning is awesome. If you’re a global organization whose business spans all over you need geo-specific language targeting. As a major corporation, it’s borderline embarrassing to show your target consumer in France sales content that is in Chinese. Also, your conversion rates are going to be dismal.

Multilingual is wonderful, we’ve established this. However, it’s also a huge pain in the ass. We’ve recently been working on a Sitecore site with ~30 different languages in total and any given page has at least 5 different translations. As a content editor this becomes a pain to manage. The versioning drop down isn’t, by default, in alphabetical order nor is there any way to search through it. Forcing you to scroll through each and every language to find the ones you want, and the more languages you add, the more annoying it gets. You see where I’m going here.

There is an easy way to alleviate this headache - implement a searchable language selector. A simple search field that allows you to type the language you’re looking for makes a world of difference. Elena recently did this for that site and picking languages is now as smooth as butter. Check out Elena’s blog for the technical information about how this is done, and make sure to do this for large multilingual implementations!

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