February 21, 2017 by Andrew Karaptis

Magento E-Commerce: Efficient and Streamlined

There are a ton of decisions to make when it comes to improving the user experience of your website. From information architecture to platform implementation, selecting the right e-commerce platform can make all the difference.

A woman enjoying online shopping on her laptop

Most B2B buyers these days are looking for shopping experiences that are intuitive, streamlined, and stress-free, so you want a platform that helps the operations of your business processes while streamlining the flow of data through the system. By doing that you’ll be making your e-commerce website as accessible and modern as possible, which in turn helps you deliver outstanding e-commerce experiences.

Magento is the most powerful open source PHP enterprise e-commerce platform. It is packed with nearly every feature you might want on an e-commerce site. It provides built-in functionality that can handle the majority of use-cases of an e-commerce platform, like an SEO-friendly catalog, inventory & order management, analytics and reporting. It’s this suite of enterprise-level features that, when combined with the overall flexibility of the platform, create rich customer experiences custom-made for individual businesses.

For more intricate customizations, Magento e-commerce employs modular conventions throughout the platform to allow not only for adding or removing functionality, but also for modification of the core modules. It separates the view layer into layouts, blocks, and templates, making the store view easier to maintain and re-use.

Magento also takes security very seriously, unlike some other e-commerce solutions. The recent release of Magento 2 unlocks even more powerful features for site creators and site owners including a streamlined administrative experience, more advanced ways to customize and streamline the customers' checkout experience, modern technology under the hood, and support for PHP7 which improves performance.

At Hedgehog, we’re committed to making sure that our clients B2B e-commerce solutions run on a trusted and efficient platform. We look for tools that deliver unique customer experiences; it’s one of our highest priorities. What we love about Magento is the out-of-the-box functionality and its powerful business tools. We combine those with digital narratives and strategic brand positioning to create exceptional shopping experiences that increase customer engagement and boost customer loyalty.

If you’re considering Magento, a partner with experience building on the platform can help. Our team shapes the platform and the experience to the needs of the customer and the needs of their target audience, to elevate productivity and drive operational efficiency, and we do it every day. Give us a shout; we'd love to help get you on the right path.

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