May 06, 2014 by Mike Shaw

Introducing Razl Scripting

Razl 2.5 is scheduled to release Thursday, May 8th and will include full scripting capabilities. This might seem like a small feature to add but the flexibility this introduces to your Sitecore development capabilities is incredible. Scripting allows you to dictate what Sitecore items get moved, when, and based on parameters you set.

You can now create automated processes that find and merge new or changed Sitecore items on a scheduled basis. This not just eliminates you having to manually find and create Sitecore packages to move new items, but it eliminates the need for the process all together. Now you simply create a script to find and merge the items you want, when you want them; Razl will then run this process for you, automatically. Giving your team up to date Sitecore instances whenever you want. How cool is that!

Check out this sneak peak into Razl Scripting.

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