May 04, 2016 by David Loewy

Think Globally, Give Locally The Hedgehog Way

As a growing global company it is important to remember the community around us. One of our mottoes is "Think Globally, Give Locally". We feel that it is imperative to be a socially responsible company and that starts with giving to those around us. Long Island has never been so in need of help than after Super Storm Sandy. That is why, this year we decided to take a proactive approach to our aid distribution.

This year Hedgehog has committed the entirety of its typical holiday budget to charities in the Long Island area that are aiding in Sandy Relief. Check out where our 5 largest donations have gone to:

  • Long Island Cares is a comprehensive relief organization that serves individuals and families that are in need. After Sandy many families lost everything; they did not have food, dry clothes, or any of the everyday items that we usually take for granted. Long Island Cares put together a massive effort to provide whatever is needed to families that truly needed them. These relief efforts are continuing today as there are many families still recovering from the storm.
  • The Brookhaven Employee Relief fund is a fund set up by Brookhaven Hospital designed to help employees that were seriously affected by the storm. Brookhaven Hospital is the closest hospital to Hedgehog and does terrific work in the area. During and after the storm the hospital was particularly busy. Even while dealing with the aftermath of the storm in their own lives, the staff of Brookhaven Hospital continued to do their duties. Even after losing so much, these individuals still came to work everyday to help the rest of the community around them.
  • The Island Harvest is a hunger relief organization that distributes food to those who do not have the means to get food themselves. On November 8th alone Island Harvest gave out 117,100 pounds of food more than 97,500 meals to neighborhoods all over Long Island. You can read more about their Sandy Relief efforts in this press release. Most of the Island Harvest is staffed by volunteers and 95 cents of every dollar donated goes to relief efforts.
  • Angela's House is a non-for-profit organization designed to help medically frail children and their families. Super Storm Sandy caused massive power outages all across Long Island. This can be exceptionally scary for families with children that have serious medical needs. Angela's House offers their facilities to families caring for children with severe medical conditions. Many families, that rely on technology for their children's health, turned to Angela's house for support in the wake of Super Storm Sandy.
  • Last Chance Animal Rescue is an organizations that relocates animals from dangerous sometimes deadly environments to safe loving environments. In the wake of Sandy many animals were lost or separated from their families. Last Chance Animal Rescue put forth a massive effort to save these lost animals, attempting to reconnected them with their families, getting adoptions of that were stranded, or removing stranded animals from "KILL" facilities and place them in safe "NO KILL" facilities. Animals have a special place in the hearts of everyone here at Hedgehog and it feels great that we can help with this cause.
  • All of these local charities have done tremendous work aiding in the relief effort and we are proud to donate money to assist with their operation. We hope to continue our support of these organizations and others for years to come. Long Island is slowly getting back up to its feet and we are proud of our community and all the support from those around us. If you'd like to get involved yourself visit and donate to any of the organizations we've listed. Have some charities you like? Feel free to leave them in a comment below, we'd love to hear!

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