June 26, 2015 by Dan Galvez

The Future is Around the Corner - Sitecore, MongoDB and My Perspective

There has been a lot of excitement since we announced our partnership with MongoDB, and I wanted to share more of my perspective on it. We entered into this partnership for the same reasons we do anything at Hedgehog, we want to create awesome solutions. MongoDB powers thousands of innovative technology solutions throughout the world, and will give Hedgehog the ability leverage MongoDB for creative solutions for our clients. We are kicking our new partnership off with a bang, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Before our announcement I’ve been chatting with company after company about all the great opportunities available to them in the new Sitecore Experience Platform.  Since our announcement, things have only sped up and I don’t expect that to change!

I was lucky enough to go to MongoDB World on June 1st and 2nd and chat with the great people at MongoDB. I also learned a ton from companies that use MongoDB to power their software. I heard some great presentations from The Knot and ADP. Leaving this event my team and I were inspired and full of excitement for what we can do with MongoDB for our clients.

Hedgehog has been busy giving presentations about the newest version of the Sitecore XP and how MongoDB fits in.

Derek and Rob, part of our Portland DMI team, gave a User Group presentation discussing MongoDB configuration, architecture and hosting in a new Sitecore 8 solution. Our team presented on all the different deployment and configuration options out there. After the presentation we were able to chat with other folks looking to use the enhancements MongoDB brought to the Sitecore XP.

On June 30th Derek and Mike will be giving a presentation at the MongoDB headquarters in Manhattan. They will be demonstrating the performance, extensibility, and scalability that MongoDB has brought to the Sitecore Experience Platform. Not only will they show the technical examples but also how companies can strategically leverage these enhancements. The marketing and business implications of this new technology is really astounding and our team is doing some really awesome implementations with it. Let’s make sure we connect if you attend; I would love engage and get your perspective.

Sitecore has really made a great decision when they chose to power xDB with MongoDB. We’ve learned a lot about this new technology and I can’t wait to translate that new knowledge into solutions for our clients. I feel there is a lot of innovation coming around experience marketing; and Hedgehog will be right there pushing the envelope like we always have, paring the best technology with the best strategies for our clients. If you’re interested in seeing how your company can leverage the new enhancements in the Sitecore Experience platform please drop me a line, I’d love to chat!

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