December 08, 2015 by Brian Noble

A Friendly, Neighborhood Guide to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Hedgehog’s Application Lifecycle Management implementation focuses on maximizing the efficiency of the software development process. Because we’re rock stars, we provide a detailed plan tailored to the specification of your organization. Because you’re rock stars, we do this in a way that uses Sitecore to its fullest while increasing collaboration between technology and business.

We do this by

Improving the overall quality of applications

Our focus is on the whole development lifecycle process. From how meetings are conducted and how code is shared to how releases and code changes are handled, we start by figuring out what you need and how we can get you there.

We encourage synergy between marketing and development teams. Staging the Battle of Hastings with the marketing team on one side and the IT department on the other is amusing in a television sitcom, but bad for productivity, morale and employee retention when it becomes a reality. Our goal is to bring teams together and provide and teach the tools for managing the process, be it TFS or Jira. On the development side, we implement items like a QA environment for the testing of features and new code and deployment strategies. On the marketing side we facilitate requirements gathering, strategies and change management.

We also emphasize

Cutting time and cost of development cycles

Before arriving on sight, we analyze the operation, finding areas we can restructure to save you time and ultimately money. If, for example, your average deployment time is 22 minutes and our review suggests that with restructuring that time could be cut down to 2 minutes, saving you 20 minutes per deployment, we structure our process around that. Now imagine what this would be like if your company has, let's say, a 2-day deployment scenario, which would be unacceptable in this fast paced world. It is a truth universally acknowledged that saving time is essential in today's marketplace. Before we leave Hedgehog’s team will be

Providing an achievable road map and attainable goals

We want to get you where you’re going. Our team and yours will establish a long-range plan for the continued success of your organization featuring only reachable goals.  At the conclusion of the ALM process we leave you with the ability to achieve your objectives in the form of fully trained personnel, efficient procedures and a system that uses Sitecore to its fullest.

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