January 26, 2017 by Andrew Karaptis

Drupal CMS: Scalable and Secure

Drupal has steadily built a reputation as one of the best Content Management Systems for large organizations and those in need of enterprise-level features. While you can piece together complex projects from various 3rd party plugins in competing systems, Drupal CMS simplifies and future-proofs tasks such as internationalization and content editor workflows by including powerful modules for them with Drupal core.

This architecture led prestigious global brands like Lamborghini, Virgin and Tesla Motors to choose the platform for their multilingual e-commerce and marketing experiences. Well-known publications such as The Economist, Boston Review and Weather.com show that Drupal CMS is well-suited to manage news and editorial content at scale.

It’s amazingly customizable because of all the features, layouts and design options, which provides a number of pathways to address individual client requirements. And unlike most other PHP CMS systems, Drupal CMS supports custom content types and custom content workflows in a much more robust way straight out of the box, without any 3rd party plugins. Having those capabilities in Drupal core, along with full internationalization and translation capability, means that it is a trending choice for sites with a lot of content such as government content portals and high volume publications like newspapers and magazines.

Drupal is also widely considered to be a more secure platform, and that’s largely because they were among the first to take security seriously. Back in 2005, Drupal set up a specific security team. They release weekly security bulletins and use a security test suite to detect new weaknesses quickly.

This kind of constant vigilance ensures that new security weaknesses are patched quickly. The scalability of Drupal CMS is something that shouldn’t be overlooked - the opportunities for adding custom modules are virtually endless. But the best part about having that kind of freedom is that in allows users to scale their website in a way that works for THEM. Everyone from a hardcore design team to a content editor just getting started can make Drupal work for them.

Drupal is enterprise-level, no doubt about it, but small to mid-size businesses can find a lot to love about it, too. That said, the sheer number of choices can be a double-edged sword, and if you’re considering a move to Drupal a partner with experience building on the platform can help immensely.

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