December 01, 2015 by Hedgehog

Cyber Monday 2015, Mobile is the Watchword

To paraphrase Rob Thomas, mobile is the watchword.

Tablets and smartphones are dominating the marketplace as customers increasingly use mobile devices to browse and purchase. Year after year industry professionals have pointed to the growing mobile trend, and quarter by quarter mobile use grows by leaps and bounds.  When Google released Mobilegeddon, we asked ourselves “Is 2015 the year that we finally take mobile seriously?”

Not so far.

That is bad news for business and customers alike. People are more inclined to shop on their smartphones than ever before; they accounted for 44% of web traffic on shopping sites and apps over the weekend. Which is why it’s surprising that mobile devices account for only 18.6% of sales. That’s a dramatic 25.4% drop, and it can be account for by websites that don’t translate well to mobile devices. Dynatrace, a digital performance tracking platform, conducted a poll of more than 5,000 shoppers in which “75 percent of all smartphone and tablet users said they would abandon a retailer's mobile site or app if it was buggy, slow or prone to crashes, and...nearly 50 percent of adults said they would shop elsewhere if a mobile site or app failed to load in three seconds or less.

The data speaks for itself. When customers can’t interact with your site on their chosen device, whether your site doesn’t respond in a timely manner or forces the customer to spend extra time navigating the format, they will leave. Large industries, retail in particular, are adopting a mobile first approach, making it as easy as possible for a visitor to get what he or she wants. Companies that serve their clientele by providing the access consumers want via a medium they prefer are winning. Is your site meeting the needs of your customers? If not, it’s time to take a step ahead of the competition. Reach out to us to discuss capitalizing on this opportunity.

Prediction for 2016

Big data personalization will be the focal point in 2016. The majority shift towards mobile shows the fast lifestyle of today’s customer. Combine the desire for fast content with a short attention span and consumer loyalty being at an all time low; sites with performance issues and technical difficulties will be the first to go. After that, the companies that best use all the data at their disposal to make targeted relevant content will dominate their competition. Companies that create compelling relevant content convert significantly more than those that don’t. Those that use all the data at their disposal will rise to the top, dominating the marketplace in 2016.  

If you have any questions about how to make your site ready for 2016, from creating a mobile first site to using all your customer data, Hedgehog can help.

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