November 09, 2016 by Mike Shaw

The Advantage of Active Commerce

There’s tremendous potential in the B2B market; it’s predicted to grow to 1.13 trillion by 2020 in the US alone. For those who want to compete at the top levels, the time to evaluate, consider and act is now.

E-commerce and web content management systems are vital to the modern customer experience and necessary investments for B2B professionals. Having robust website functionality is not only one of the best ways to attract customers, it’s one of the best ways to retain them. Customer experiences drive loyalty and customer lifetime value; buyers who feel a “high brand connection” are 60% more likely to purchase from that brand.

Ensuring that a website meets these customer needs benefits not only the customer but the business as well. Implementing robust tools that can grow and advance as the business does helps to turn a company’s website into a more profitable revenue source while enhancing the customer experience at the same time. Streamlining the order processes and removing the human touch points. By removing the need for human interactions, approvals, entry, etc. you inherently increase profit.  If you save $40 in labor costs on a $100 order, that's a very big deal.

At Hedgehog, we choose the products that best suit the needs of the client and the platform. Active Commerce is content and commerce simplified. Active Commerce helps B2B and B2C organizations efficiently manage content and commerce experiences which increases revenue and gets them closer to their customers. Active Commerce provides the only fully-integrated, native e-commerce solution for Sitecore - including web and mobile optimized storefronts and pre-built integrations for payments, tax, shipping and third party systems.

Business to business companies need to prepare themselves to tackle e-commerce, and maintain an e-commerce solution, to compete in an ever-changing digital marketplace. Launching a new e-commerce site can be a complex process; to make your next project go more smoothly, we’ve broken down the primary blocks of work into six distinct phases.

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