May 08, 2019 by Dan Galvez

Sitecore to acquire Hedgehog

Throughout our history Hedgehog has strived to make our clients’ business better through technology, strategy, and marketing services. Today we are taking a big step to bring our focus to a wider audience.
I am thrilled to announce Hedgehog has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Sitecore.
As a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, Hedgehog has been focused on Sitecore services for over a decade. We’ve seen the incredible growth and success of Sitecore firsthand, helping evangelize its benefits to companies around the world. We’re ecstatic to become part of the Sitecore family.
Sitecore sees the same qualities in Hedgehog that made us successful – deep expertise, fanatical client focus, and innovative thinking – and wants to incorporate those qualities into their global services organization. Sitecore will use our expertise to enhance the people, technology, and services that support both customers and the partner community.
In particular we will help support the global adoption of Sitecore Commerce and Content Hub, using our expertise to find ways to make it easier for customers and partners to implement and enhance both solutions.
Our suite of Sitecore products – Team Development for Sitecore (TDS) Classic, Avtor, Feydra, and Razl – will continue to be offered for sale, with full support and development by Sitecore. Used by thousands of Sitecore experts worldwide, we see a great future for our advanced developer and content author tools.
There is a lot of work to do over the next few months but I am excited to share this news with everyone and see what the next chapter of Hedgehog brings.
We look forward to serving the Sitecore community as Hedgehog, a Sitecore company.


Read the official Sitecore release

Dan Galvez is CEO at Hedgehog.  Find him on LinkedIn

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