September 27, 2018 by Una Verhoeven

Machine Learning Meets Social at Sitecore Symposium

If there’s one thing we’re all hearing a lot about these days, it’s personalization. There are good reasons for that; personalization advances customer satisfaction, boosts conversion rates and improves website metrics. If your company has a solid understanding of how personalization interacts with your content and the user experience, you’re on your way to getting the most out of Sitecore, and you’ve taken good steps toward integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into your website as well.

As a platform, Sitecore has always been brilliant at putting the individual at the center of personalization. This focus can be complicated by GDPR, which prevents some of the old ways of data collection if the visitor declines to participate. But there are social networks that can be combined with machine learning to leverage user preferences to inform and enhance the user experience.

I’ll be showcasing how all of this is possible at Sitecore Symposium in a few weeks, proving that companies can produce true business impact through user experience WITHOUT storing user personal data. Leveraging Sitecore platform with IBM Personal Insights and IBM Watson, I’ll be demonstrating that the displayed Twitter personality can be utilized to great effect when it comes to implementing personalization in Sitecore.

“Where Machine Learning Meets Social #ThinkYouKnowMe” is happening Tuesday, October 9th at 2:45 p.m. in Swan, Mockingbird. See you at Symposium!

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