February 27, 2019 by Hedgehog

Sitcore, Docker, SUGCON - Oh My!

Sean Holmesby is a Solutions Architect for Hedgehog and Sitecore MVP. He will be speaking at SUGCON 2019 London. 

What is the title of your presentation?
I struggled with Sitecore on Docker, so you don’t have to.

What’s a quick rundown of your presentation? 
I wanted to go through all the little roadblocks that got in my way while setting up Sitecore on Docker and give a quick overview, so people didn’t have to struggle in the same ways that I did. It’s mostly an introduction to using Sitecore on Docker and opens the floor to those going into a deeper dive.

What inspired you to choose this topic? 
I went to a session at Sitecore Symposium 2018 by Raul Jimenez. He had a presentation that went in depth on Docker. I saw how useful Docker looked, but I struggled with some minor issues when I first started using it. I thought “Great; I can go down the path of learning how to use Docker and then teach the basics to people. This will allow others to have a low barrier to entry and get the most out of the setup.”

Tell us a little bit about Docker and how it functions with Sitecore. 
Docker is a containerization software that allows applications to run in their own, self-contained environment. Docker keeps the applications packaged into a “container”, which isolates it from other running applications on your computer. Docker allows these containers to operate in a standalone way, and in a format that can be passed from machine to machine. This makes them act more reliably between one computer to another. 

Is this your first time speaking a SUGCON? 
No, I’ve spoken at different SUGCONs before. I’ve spoken at SUGCON NA New Orleans about storage engines in MongoDB, and SUGCON EU Copenhagen about NuGet in Sitecore. 

What about SUGCON 2019 are you most excited about? 
The biggest part is seeing all the people in the community I know and respect.  There is such a wealth of knowledge. It’s always great to see the people I keep in touch with through Twitter and Skype in person. It’s also great to learn new tricks of the trade, and just hang out. 

What’s the one touristy thing you will do while in London? 
I’m definitely going to see Buckingham Palace. I visited once before, but since watching The Crown on Netflix, I’ve been inspired to go back. 

Are there any presentations/speakers on the SUGCON Speaker track that you are excited about? 
I’m interested in seeing Kamruz Jaman, Zachary Kniebel, Anastasiya Flynn, and Nick Wesselman. I’ve seen them speak before and thought they always put on fantastic presentations. 

Will there be a #SitecoreSelfie London edition? 
There’s plenty of London Tourist attractions to take selfies. I think there needs to be a 2019 London edition. 

Sean will be presenting "I struggled with Sitecore on Docker, so you don’t have to" at SUGCON 2019 London. You can connect with Sean on Twitter or LinkedIn. 


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