September 15, 2017 by Una Verhoeven

Sitecore Experience Accelerator: Missing Video Description

If you have installed SXA version 1.4 and you are using a Video rendering on your page, you may have noticed that not all fields are shown on the page.

SXA Video Description Field

To be precise, Video Description section seems to be missing.

If we navigate to \Website\Views\Video.cshtml and check the model Sitecore.XA.Feature.Media.Models.VideoRenderingModel we can see that all the fields from the rendering are present. Next thing is to inspect the view itself. What is noticeable is that MovieDescription section is missing. The fix is fairly simple. Go to Video.cshtml just below the:

  <span class="video-caption">

@Html.Sxa().Field("MovieCaption", Model.DataSourceItem, Model.GetRenderingWebEditingParams())


And add the following HTML:

<div >

@Html.Sxa().Field("MovieDescription", Model.DataSourceItem, Model.GetRenderingWebEditingParams())


To learn more about how Hedgehog used SXA to create our entire site and augmented it to meet editor needs, check out our webinar.  



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