January 31, 2018 by Dan Galvez

Seven Hedgehogs Win 2018 Sitecore MVP Award

On January 15th Hedgehog celebrated our 11th birthday. I’m not sure if you count business years like you do dog years, but walk the halls at any of the 4 Hedgehog locations and it feels like we’ve discovered the fountain of youth. We come off a year where we launched our new brand, new websites, new products, and great client projects. In 2017 we rolled out new services that help our clients get value in new and interesting ways and we invested internally in systems to help us operate more efficiently. All that would be enough to tire a company out, but what did Team Hedgehog do? They doubled down.

In 2017 our team members ramped up their community involvement. They released more blogs on interesting topics, contributed to and released more shared code projects. They sponsored, attended, and spoke at local and international events across all disciplines – design, technology, marketing, project management, leadership.

The Sitecore MVP awards are special to our team. Hedgehogs pride themselves at striving to be the best they can possibly be in everything they do. We’re very proud to have Charles Turano, Sean Holmesby, Nikola Gotsev, Una Verhoeven, Mike Shaw, Jacqueline Baxter, and Michael Greenberg as part of our Hedgehog team. Most of our MVP recipients are multiple year award winners; Mike Shaw and Jacqueline Baxter are two of only 39 people worldwide who can call themselves a Sitecore Strategist MVP in 2018. Una Verhoeven, a first time MVP recipient, has presented at user groups all over Europe and an organizer for SUGCON Europe 2018. Michael Greenberg is part of the inaugural class of Ambassador MVPs, individuals with solid knowledge of the latest Sitecore offering who provide value for Sitecore and product feedback and case studies.

I continue to believe that a company’s reputation is the most important measure of success. I think this is what sets Hedgehog apart: our proficient and capable technologists, designers and marketers who care deeply about the work they do and are always ready to advance, help and to share what they’ve learned with our clients and the community.

For more about the MVP Program, visit http://www.sitecore.net/mvp

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