September 26, 2018 by Michael Greenberg

Real World Machine Learning at Sitecore Symposium

Machine learning is the next great frontier in marketing and the digital experience, enabling massive improvement in virtually every interaction point in the modern enterprise. In my Sitecore Symposium presentation, Real World Machine Learning, I’ll be running through a series of ideas and examples of how to use machine learning today. I’m assuming a few things, of course, like access to a good Sitecore developer, data from somewhere like xDB, CRM data, use of a machine learning service like AWS or Azure, and a few others so there is something for the machines to learn from.

What I’m finding is the examples aren’t the hard part – explaining how the examples would work is much tougher. Since I can’t really dig into the math for this audience I’m finding I need to explain some core ML concepts in ways marketers will understand. And translating those explanations into something actionable is forcing me to be creative.

But the end result - trying to explain where machine learning can be effective and how Sitecore customers can use it today (in 45 minutes!) - has been an extremely fun and engaging exercise. I’ll be using Sitecore case studies wherever possible and illustrating the ideas with real-world ideas everywhere else.

I'll be presenting at Sitecore Symposium on Tuesday, October 9th at 12:45 p.m. in Swan 6. If you'd like to chat about machine learning before or during the event, reach out on Twitter.

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