June 28, 2018 by Hedgehog

The Iterative Approach to Sitecore Website Redesigns

A Hedgehog whitepaper outlining our process for evaluating and executing on iterative redesigns of websites running on Sitecore.


A full website redesign can be an expensive and daunting task. Before jumping in we recommend assessing whether your website could be improved incrementally over time.  To confirm if an iterative redesign is right for you, you’ll need to answer the following questions: Is your Sitecore architecture foundationally sound? Can it be updated with the latest technologies? Is the UX up to date and does it follow best practices? Are your brand, audience, products, and services aligned?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be able to build your site iteratively without a complete overhaul. If “no,” there is a convincing argument for a complete redesign but proceed with caution.

In this whitepaper,  we share our process for evaluating and executing on iterative redesigns of websites running on Sitecore.The six-step process includes:

Step One: UX and Website Capabilities Assessment
A look at the advantages of the iterative redesign process and examples of how we assess UX issues and website maturity.

Step Two: Technical Assessment
Determine if your website can support incremental updates and understand the importance of organized data sourced components.

Step Three: Design Ideation and Design Systems
In this step, we explore how we take inventory of our components and begin with the design of the grand vision.

Step Four: Design Implementation
Here we define three levels of design modifications and discuss the importance of rapid iterative deployments to test your ideas and confirm positive outcomes.  

Step Five: Implementation of Redesigned Components 
A look at how we take one component and redesign it at different modification levels.

Step Six: Rolling Out Iterative Designs
Here we discuss the importance of executing your testing plan and adhering to your design system. 

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