December 12, 2018 by Joe Rega

Using Google Maps as Part of your Social Media Toolbox

Taking a page straight from the Facebook playbook, Google now lets you “follow” businesses in Google Maps. With this new feature, users can now receive updates about specific events, offers, and more that pertain to the stores or businesses they choose. Being the first to know about something like an event or discounted offer is incredibly important, especially around the holidays. 

Businesses can create a profile, as early as three months in advance of opening, to keep their audience updated every step of the way. Updates on events & other information can be made in Google My Business profile.  

Need another reason to add Google Maps to your Social Media toolbox? You can link Google Adwords to your Google My Business profile. This can increase the number of visitors your business gains in a day. Research shows 50% of consumers visit a store within a day of their local search. 

This new feature is not meant to replace Google Plus, which is set to be completely shut down by the end of the summer by the end of summer 2019, but instead to keep people more engaged with their local retailers.  

So how can a consumer use it?  They would simply go to google maps and type in the business or address they are looking for, scroll down past their name and ratings and click the +Follow button. They will now start receiving updates about your company as soon as they are posted.  

IOS users, don’t get excited, this feature is not yet available but hopefully will follow in shortly.  

Since Google Maps is currently the most popular navigation tool, making this feature available to all users will be a big win for local business.  

We, at Hedgehog, are always here to help. If you would like to discuss Google Maps or any other way we can help impact your business with Social Media, give us a shout!

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