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Hedgehog combines customer and capability-driven insights in its strategy practice, providing the blueprint for our clients to execute consistently against their overall strategy.

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Pragmatic direction and guidance on customer experience, with a focus on personalization and technical roadmaps.
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Consistent and elegant brand and design systems, web design, information architecture, and creative.
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Futureproof web platform implementation, integration, and custom development on Sitecore, Drupal/Acquia, and Magento.

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Relentless focus on day-to-day marketing effectiveness, from SEO and analytics to graphics production and content entry.
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Managed Services

Stress free managed services that keep your cloud infrastructure available, optimized, and secure at all times.
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Featured Expertise

SXA: Sitecore Experience Accelerator

A faster, more flexible way to build Sitecore websites. With SXA, users can create a standardized set of page layouts and components that they can then re-use across multiple websites.

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Featured expertise

Personalization in Travel

Web personalization in the travel and hospitality industry is critical; taking a strategic approach can give your team a tactical advantage. 

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Platform expertise

Sitecore Personalization

Personalization is the foundation of dynamic and engaging web experiences. Sitecore provides a variety of powerful and marketer-friendly capabilities to test and personalize web content.

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