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Hedgehog combines customer and capability-driven insights in its strategy practice, providing the blueprint for our clients to execute consistently against their overall strategy.


Pragmatic direction and guidance on customer experience, with a focus on personalization and technical roadmaps.


Consistent and elegant brand and design systems, web design, information architecture, and creative.


Futureproof web platform implementation, integration, and custom development on Sitecore, Drupal/Acquia, and Magento.


Relentless focus on day-to-day marketing effectiveness, from SEO and analytics to graphics production and content entry.




7 Steps to B2B E-Commerce

With the extraordinary amount of e-commerce platforms in the market, one of the most important steps is getting yourself in the right mindset first. Discover the ins and outs of the design and development of exceptional e-commerce solutions including what information to gather before beginning an e-commerce platform comparison in our 7 Steps to B2B E-commerce whitepaper.

Platform expertise

Sitecore Personalization

Personalization is the foundation of dynamic and engaging web experiences. Sitecore provides a variety of powerful and marketer-friendly capabilities to test and personalize web content.

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