A Look Back? No, We’re Looking Forward!

Sofia, Bulgaria – Typically, when companies start a new year they like to look back at the previous year recap everything they’ve accomplished and tell you how great of a year they had. We, at Hedgehog Development, will recap some of the successes we’ve had in the last calendar year; but what we’d like to focus on is what we plan on doing in 2015. 2014 was an immensely successful year for Hedgehog but this year will be even better, and why revel in past success when we have so many cool things to do?

To quickly recap last year, Hedgehog Development made their mark in the European Sitecore market. We kicked off the year by attaining our silver competency in Microsoft application development, verifying the talent we already had in the office.  Following this acknowledgement, Hedgehog received an official listing as a Sitecore implementation partner in Bulgaria, recognizing our continued ability to create Sitecore experiences. 

Hedgehog took the show on the road attending and sponsoring two major events in the year. Making a splash at the Sitecore Users Group Conference (SUGCON) in the Netherlands, in which we showcased our talents both as a presenter and as a sponsor. Riding upon the success of SUGCON, Hedgehog showcased their excellence again at the biggest European Sitecore event of the year – The Symposium in Barcelona. At this event, we were humbled to not just get the opportunity to be a sponsor; but to be chosen as one of the few partners that could do a presentation!

Following this tremendous momentum of 2014 we have already hit the ground running in 2015. To start it off, we are proud to announce the move to a new office location! This new location will allow us to hire more resources and support the business goals of more European companies.

This new office and overall growth is a direct result of the increase in demand that we’ve witnessed. Our new location allows us to hire more personnel that will continue the Hedgehog tradition of delivering excellent, business changing digital experiences on Sitecore. We’ve ensured that our clients will always receive the best quality development possible and our employees have the best atmosphere to flourish.

This office is only the first step we have planned for this New Year and Hedgehog is committed to making 2015 a year full of big announcements. “The opening of this office is a big milestone. It is the first leap in our plans for 2015, but we will not stop here.” said Alex Kamburov, General Manager of the Sofia office, “We fully expect to capitalize on the momentum we’ve had in 2014, and make 2015 even better. Don’t be surprised if you see many more big announcements, throughout the year. It’s an exciting time.”

It is, surely, an exciting time at Hedgehog. The demand for Hedgehog services are continuing to rise and Alex and the Hedgehog team is ready to meet them head on. Their commitment to delivering quality experiences, technical expertise, and business impact has never been higher. There is an electricity in the atmosphere at Hedgehog and everyone is eager to see what 2015 has in store, we hope you are too.

Media Contact
Michael Shaw