Vantage Deluxe World Travel

Integrate and Improve

Founded in 1983, Vantage World Travel is a global company dedicated to providing a better choice for groups of adult travelers looking for deluxe accommodations and great value. The Vantage Travel team wanted to use Sitecore content to build their trip brochures using Adobe InDesign, requiring an integration of the two platforms.

The Integration Process

  • Evaluation

    First, the team evaluated several tools using a variety of criteria including utility and cost.

  • Innovation

    Next, to generate InDesign pdf documents and provide the client with personalization options, the team invented an architectural approach for getting trip information from Sitecore and other internal systems.

  • Application

    On the Adobe side of the equation, Hedgehog ran an evaluation using Adobe Extendscript. Using this language, the team imported the data from the defined web service and applied it to the InDesign document.

SEO Opportunities

To promote Vantage’s general tourism message as well as specific, individual trips, Hedgehog focused on improving the site’s organic search visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing while simultaneously expanding Vantage’s presence in paid search. To accomplish this, Hedgehog created a series of custom cruise and land tour product pages and applied an e-commerce marketing methodology via search engine optimization (SEO) to each one while maintaining and utilizing Vantage’s pre-existing personalization rules.