J+J Flooring Group

A Unified Vision

A diversified manufacturer of commercial modular and broadloom flooring products, J+J Flooring wanted to merge their three existing websites into a powerhouse web destination. Using the robust features and versatile flexibility of WordPress, J+J envisioned combining their company as a whole with their two major product lines under a single and solidified vision.

Unique Functionality

  • Carpet Tile Visualizer

    Using the full line of J+J products, Hedgehog constructed the module to allow potential clients to virtually create the perfect pattern plan. The program then allows clients to dynamically add their creation to one of 15 different room spaces for a realistic look and feel that the client can view prior to purchase and installation.

  • Liquid Pixels Integration

    To create custom imagery for each client and achieve the real-time 3D rendering capabilities and other functionalities required, Hedgehog integrated the LiquiFire OS for maximum speed and flexibility.

  • Dynamic Visualizer Outputs

    Clients 3D visualizations can be exported in multiple formats including a high-resolution JPG image of the created 3D-Room scene, or a PDF containing the Pattern JPEG, a 3D Room Scene, all product information for selected tiles, and a diagram showing the user how to create their pattern once they receive their tiles.

Superior Design Aesthetic

With a client base ranging from interior designers and flooring studios to high-end corporate installers, J+J Flooring Group wanted a level of design aesthetic that matched the unique functionality of their visualizer. Using WordPress, Hedgehog designed a site that combined visual appeal with functionality and ease of use.