Buckeye Broadband

Rebrand and Revitalize

One of America’s first & largest cable television providers, Buckeye wanted to rebrand their company to shift the focus from cable services to broadband services.¬†Using Magento, Hedgehog implemented a modern e-commerce solution and updated the site architecture to facilitate the order process.

Features and Functionality

  • Help Me Choose Feature

    Built on the YAML programming language, this feature acts as a wizard that walks the user through a simple questionnaire. A decision tree guides the user to the appropriate solution or service for them based upon their inputs.

  • Credit Check Functionality

    Because certain services and packages require equipment to be loaned to the customer, a credit check must be performed to identify if a customer is “a risk” for loaning equipment based off of their credit score. Hedgehog created a custom program to accomplish this task if and when certain services are purchased on the website.

  • Build My Own Solution Feature

    Allows the user to freely browse all services provided by Buckeye Broadband to create personalized broadband packages that cater to the specific needs of each customer.

Magento and Updated Architecture

To simplify and expedite the sale of Buckeye products and services directly through the website, Hedgehog created a highly functional e-commerce solution based on the Magento Enterprise platform and updated the site architecture to capture, support, and smooth the order process.