Boston Review

Optimized Usability

A political and literary forum with a 40-year history, Boston Review needed a high-performance website. Using Drupal, Hedgehog created a versatile, structured site with a modern, user friendly interface.

Improved Information Architecture

  • Refactored Architecture

    Using Drupal 7, Hedgehog carefully removed inefficient content architecture and configurations, adding modern configurations for new features and content elements.

  • Modular Components

    The new Drupal site gives specific types of pages their own rendering templates. These load modular components, most with their own well-organized Views and templates. This allowed Hedgehog to reuse many modular components efficiently across multiple pages for a consistent and polished look.

  • Fulco Integration

    To provide a consistent experience for the end user as traffic moved from the main site to the store, Hedgehog created a static HTML template based on the new design for the main site for the third party to implement.

Design, Branding and Community

The clean, bold design makes the site more accessible and visually appealing. To match the client’s current branding, Hedgehog took a minimalist approach with an emphasis on the use of white space.