Paramount Group

1325 Ave. of the Americas
718 Fifth Ave.
745 Fifth Ave.
31 West 52nd St.

Redesigned from the Ground Up

As the owner and manager of some of the world’s most sought-after urban office buildings, the Paramount Group needed a website as superlative as its properties. Loewy revamped Paramount’s web presence, showcasing its trophy portfolio and putting the company in the best light for its upcoming initial public offering as a US real estate investment trust.

Launch New Site

Swift Planning, Rapid Development

Faced with a firm and critical deadline, our user experience team worked on site to develop an online strategy and information architecture. Through workshops and collaboration with the Paramount team, we were able to quickly develop an interactive prototype that served as our roadmap for design and technology.

Dynamic Imagery

For maximum visual impact, the website needed a key element—bold, beautiful architectural photography. We recommended and coordinated a re-shoot of many Paramount properties, capitalizing on views of their prestigious exteriors.

Nimble Design, Easy Updates

In real estate, availability is always changing—so its websites hinge on flexibility. We implemented a content management system (CMS) so that Paramount could easily update its new site with listings, floor plans and brochures.

With its ease of use and customization, WordPress was our CMS of choice for Paramount. To ensure optimal performance, we minified and fingerprinted all of the asset files before deployment; this would allow us to serve the files with a far future expiration date, and to automatically bust the browser's cache when updates were deployed.

We also used an SVG sprite sheet for all icons and images—a technique that would dramatically reduce the number of requests, loading time, and site rendering times. The result: a fully optimized and user-friendly website for the Paramount brand.